Thursday, October 29, 2009

Traditional or "Book" Sized?

I've seen people posting here and there around the rpg community about size prefence in gaming books. It seems the book (or digest) sized booklet is gaining acceptance with the traditional fantasy gaming crowd.

For me, I like both. However, back in the day when I played post UA AD&D, I used to carry around a backpack FULL of rulebooks (which, admittedly, half were never even used). I would have loved access to booklet-sized rules back then.

Now, as a Labyrinth Lord GM/player, I carry around one (1) book, so, as they say, size doesn't matter. I do have a nice collection of pdfs of other rpgs and supplements that I have recently printed off as pocketbooks, which make for great and less clunky bedtime reading.

Does anyone out there have a die-hard preference, and if so, what drove you to wanting smaller/larger sized rpg materials?


  1. die hard pref for digest sized here, i will buy the larger size if available but always print the pdfs as digest... i need the space (i game around the computer a lot) and i think the classic gdw traveller just trained me to expect LBBs. so much handier! very glad to have seen Raggi's modules were digest sized. our favorite size is 7"x9" Looking forward to yours next! ;)

  2. I have heard that a lot about the Traveler rpg.Even without that particular influence in my gaming experience, I'm growing fond of the smaller size.

    I was kicking around the idea of creating digest sized modules for PRG releases, but since most of my "business" comes from pdf downloads, I figure people will print them however they see fit.