Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Test play this Saturday!

The plan is to test play Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt this Saturday. The usual gang will be there (Buzz, Kathy, Jason, Anne, and Dan) to give the new adventure a shot. This run-through will see what needs to be tweaked so we can finally get the Brigand Crypt into your hands!

Like Gerald Red, this one will be available as a FREE download at lulu, scribd, and issuu.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New adventures finally in the works!

The holidays are over but the craziness never comes to an end! Prime Requisite Games has three new adventures in the works for Labyrinth Lord.

The first is titled Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt (DLD2).
Legend has it that the crypt holds a powerful curse over the abandoned ghost town of Iron City and those who venture there will surely meet their doom. A group of bandits took over the ancient crypt for their base of operations. Their sudden disappearance raises fears and questions about where they went and what was left behind. For character levels 1-3.

The second is titled Beyond the Midway Post (DLD3).
This follow-up to DLD2 is about a small guard post stationed between two cities. The station, called "The Midway Post," was put in place to curb a rise in local bandit attacks and the movement of stolen goods.

The post was meant to keep the roads safe for the local trade, but something terrible happens. The adventurers must investigate the station and gather information that will lead them on a dangerous journey Beyond the Midway Post! This adventure mixes classic dungeon crawl with a bit of detective work. For character levels 2-4.

The third adventure is titled The Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur Lord (DLD4).
Decades ago, the chaotic magic-user Wruulyn and his son Banezyth went in search of the Conjurer's Key, an artifact of enormous power. While fighting a tribe of hill giants, Banezyth was slain. Desperate and grieve-stricken, Wruulyn cast a reincarnation spell which promptly cast his son's soul within the body of a grotesque minotaur. As vain as he was evil, Banezyth went insane because of his monstrous appearance and attacked his father in a blind rage.

Forced to kill his own son, Wruulyn built a giant labyrinth tomb and encased both him and his son within. Rumors passed down through the years that Wruulyn had actually found the Conjurer's Key which is buried with him in the labyrinth tomb to this very day. For character levels 3-5.

As stated before, these adventures are "in the works", so we'll let you know when we're close to a specific release date.

Happy adventuring!