Friday, October 16, 2009

New mini module while you wait!

While the finishing touches are added to our next module, let me douse a bit of your adventuring thirst with our first Labyrinth Lord mini adventure released under our new KTM3T brand: Treasure Crypt of the Salstine Pirate.

The legend of the Salstine Pirate tells of a sea captain who turned pirate, killing off most of his crew and taking his treasure to land. Salstine found an abandoned tomb within the Dwarven Mountains to hide his stolen goods, and meant to stay there to avoid getting caught by the military he betrayed. However, what he found in the tomb was a horror that would keep the Salstine Pirate trapped within forever.

As always, this is a free download!

Influenced by the One Page Dungeon contest, KTM3T (which stands for Kill The Monsters, Take Their Treasure) mini modules are one or two page adventures that can easily plug into any existing campaign, or they can simply be a great Saturday night time-killer.

These adventures will be written with the quick-game in mind. There will not be long drawn out stories full of cryptic rumors and mysteries to solve. KTM3T modules will have three major elements: monsters, traps and treasure. So not only will these adventures make for a nice quick one-session game, they are perfect as introductory modules for new players.

As far as scheduled releases for KTM3T mini modules, I must say that the full-length modules will have priority, so the minis will be released as time permits.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming!

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