Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt now available

Prime Requisite Games is proud to announce a new Labyrinth Lord / BASIC RPG adventure available as a FREE download!

Classic Deep Level Dungeon Adventure DLD2: Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt

The legend of an ancient crypt outside the ghost town of Iron City tells of a powerful curse and those who venture there will surely meet their doom. A group of bloodthirsty brigands moved into the city, using its rotted dwellings as a base for their terrible raids on local travelers. When the thieves suddenly vanish, fears and questions arise about where they went and what was left behind.

Can your party survive the traps and puzzles that surely lie within the crypt in hopes of finding the brigands’ abandoned treasure?

Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt is a fearsome adventure for character levels 1-3. For use with the Labyrinth Lord™ rules or other Basic RPG systems.

Available for FREE at Lulu, Scribd, and Issuu.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Preview of the "Brigand Crypt" cover

Although Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt will not be released for a little while longer, we thought you might like to check out the cover art for PRG's latest adventure.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Test-play for new adventure went well

The test-play session for Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt was fantastic. The players had a good time even though Jason lost his thief (again).

We will mourn his character's lack of hit points here (again).

A few things need to be tweaked and a few details need to be added, but I hope to have this adventure ready for a FREE download asap.