Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lost Staves of Maurath now available! FREE!

Prime Requisite Games is proud to announce a new Labyrinth Lord / BASIC rpg adventure available as a FREE download!

Classic Deep Level Dungeon Adventure DLD5: The Lost Staves of Maurath

An open sinkhole under a sacred temple has revealed a catacomb of twisted dark caverns. Vicious creatures from below raided the temple of its most precious possessions, the magical Staves of Maurath.

Now the staves must be found, and an open call has been issued for a group of powerful adventurers to explore the caverns and find the Lost Staves of Maurath. However, it is believed that the caverns may echo the deadly secret of an ancient and evil burial chamber.

The Lost Staves of Maurath is a challenging adventure for character levels 4-6. For use with the Labyrinth Lord™ rules or other Basic/Expert RPG systems.

Available for FREE at Lulu, Scribd, and Issuu.



  1. Hah, I love the little sketches!! Pages 4, 5, 6 (twice), 7 (twice), 8, 9 – awesome. :)

  2. Thank you for the printer-friendly maps. I must admit I still haven't printed myself a copy of DLD1, because every time I open the pdf and see those solid black pages of dungeon maps, the Scrooge in me says "too much ink". Looking forward to printing this latest one and having a good read. Looks great, thanks Lawrence.

  3. Will there be a dead-tree version available at lulu?

  4. A print version will (hopefully) be available within the next two weeks. I have a couple pages to fill so I might include pre-gen characters, extra art, or maybe a PRG ad.

    Once I decide, I'll get it done, order a proof, and BOOM! :D

    Oh,yeah: Like the other PRG modules available for print, this one will be sold at cost.