Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Adventure in GDF #4

In case you haven't heard, LotFP has just released the pdf-only Green Devil Face #4.

In this issue, you'll find my new small but wild and deadly adventure titled The Tomb to Die For/In.

I remember when I wrote this adventure that I tried to keep in mind the spirit of what GDF is all about. So, a quick thanks goes to Mr. Raggi for including it in the recent issue of his madhouse zine. I hope you all enjoy it.

As for the rest of GDF#4, the fun, genius, and insanity are all there, packed into 69 pages!

Check it out and use what you can in your own game to throw your players for a loop. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick update

It's been a while since I temporarily stepped down from writing and playing RPGs to take care of things going on in Real Life. Now for a bit of updating about the future of Prime Requisite Games.

I'm not going into much detail just yet, but within a few months, I plan to slowly get back into the OSR circles again with a couple new adventure modules, the Labyrinth Lord optional expansion book that I have been working on as well as an all-new official Prime Requisite Games web site.

I plan to go the same route as Goblinoid Games and offer PRG books free as a low-res/no art pdf. The high-res (with art) pdfs and print copies will be available at a cost. I also plan to collaborate with a couple local artists I know to help produce quality painted covers for future gaming books.

Anyway, there is plenty to do on my end before I jump back into publishing. As you might have noticed, I shrunk my availability online (no Scribd or Issuu, and turned off blog comments), but this is only to keep minimal tabs on my stuff while I am away from the gaming table.

My wife Else has been a real trooper in supporting me, and she will eventually be instrumental in helping me with the restructure of Prime Requisite Games. Else's a smart cookie, and while we are both professional graphic designers, she can design circles around me - so I'm hoping to utilize her talents for the print books and web site.

So now, I will be signing off for a little while longer. Other important Real Life situations call for my attention, but it's nice to see a small speck of light at the end of the tunnel.

However, while you wait, I have a small (deadly) adventure to be published in Green Devil Face #4.

Take care and Happy Gaming!