Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our module is gettin' passed around

I snaked this pic off of ebay a while back. It's cool to see PRG's stuff there, but we're hoping it's because they played it and wanted to pass the fun onto somebody else. *heh heh*

No matter. Our module The Courtyard of Gerald Red is in great company here. Whoever won the bid was a lucky gamer!


  1. Hey, that looks like good stuff!

  2. It does, but I don't recognize the smaller green book on the lower left. If anyone knows, I'm curious to find out.

  3. I can tell you - as it was my auction: It's a German fanzine (kind of a German version of Fight on!) and in this issue there's a German translation of the temple from the Accessory "Larm". The 'zine is called "Abenteuer." ("Abenteuerpunkt").

    Btw: I own both your modules in print and I like both of them a lot. Especially this minimalistic artwork is realy cool! Maybe some day I'll ask you to do a small b/w illu for one of my modules... ;-)

  4. ... Ah, and I sold it because I ordered two copies via Lulu and wanted to pass the second copy to someone who could appreciate it.

  5. Wow! That's quite a compliment. :)

    I do different styles of illustration depending on the project, but I felt this loose "chicken-scratch" type of art fit the feeling of my adventures.

    If you need art, Moritz, just let me know. I'd be honored to do something for one of your modules.