Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Significant other's plan for your RPG books

I was searching on good ol' Craig's List for some used RPG books and I came across this. Read the fine digi-print if you can (click the image to make it bigger).

The main part I want you to read is, "Great news! We've had a baby! But, now my husband doesn't have time for his D&D. Thus, we are getting rid of some of his collection of books."

Just by her language, when she writes "my husband doesn't have time for his D&D", you know that she regarded his gaming as a complete waste of time, daydreaming about her Craig's List plan all the while.

Why do I come to this conclusion? Well...

...I can understand that he might not have time now for some RPGs, with the new baby and all, but forever?! You mean to tell me that since he now has a child, he will never again have time for "his" D&D? The baby will stay 3 weeks old for eternity and there will absolutely be no time to game! Well, I guess the books need to go. Don't place them on a bookshelf or pack them away...sell them! It only seems logical since now and forever until he dies, there is and will be no time for "his" D&D.

Hopefully they also sold their family editions of Monopoly and Scrabble for a tiny profit as there will most likely be no time to pass Go or spell "epoxy" on a double-word score.

Also, notice the "we are getting rid of some of his collection of books." I really doubt there was any "we" involved in this decision.

The poor sap didn't even stand a chance.


  1. ...and this is why I married a gamer girl. (Well, among many other reasons)

  2. OUch! Put the whip away, woman! ;)

  3. When my friend has his first and second kid, it was tough for him to find the time to cover and game with us. We missed his presence a lot.

    Now, kid #2 is old enough to have just one parent keeping an eye, and kid #1 just plays with us, he's young, but he's learning :D.

    Gosh, that makes me feel old.