Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I found players who don't care (in a good way!)

I read a lot of complaints from GMs/Players who would like to run through some old-school adventures but seem to be the only one in the group holding such sentiment. They end up playing 3x or 4e because, well, it's the only game they can get going, and if one truly wants to game, they'll get it any way they can.

It's better than nothing (for most). Put into the same predicament, I would do the same thing.

However, I was lucky. When I got the itch to play again, I found the Labyrinth Lord rules, devoured them, and decided to set up an old-school game. Easier said than done? Actually, it was.

Fortunately I work in a design firm filled with some movie/comic/sci-fi geeks...and not ONE of them has ever played an RPG. Sure they did the online thing for a while, but never a tabletop, pen 'n' paper, fist full o' dice role-playing game. I extended an invitation. they accepted, and we have been going strong ever since.

In fact, after a few gaming sessions, a couple of my players got so into the idea of RPGs, they went out and snatched up everything they could find, such as AD&D1e, Lejendary Adventure, Star Frontiers, Alternity, OSRIC, C&C, etc. They sat in on a 4e game and had a good time (however, it coincides with a 1e game they are deeply involved in).

What's so great is that "old-school" and "edition wars" mean zilch to these people. While my players are my age and older, they did not grow up playing RPGs and seem to shrug off the ideals that bring about so much fist waving. Labyrinth Lord was their introduction into RPGs, they are having a great time, and now they would be up for anything. Sure, they may find a game that they don't enjoy, but to them that doesn't mean others are "playing it wrong" or the game is "wrong" or rules are "wrong" or the type of chips served at the game are "wrong." It's just a game.

Also, the term old-school or new-school means nothing considering they started off with LL. To my players, Labyrinth Lord is new-school! Heck, RPGs in general are new-school to them.

So, really, these guys don't care. Just bring it on, 'cause they're ready to have whatever fun they are looking to have, if that makes any sense. :) (I would just say, "ready to have fun", but Raggi has given me a complex about using the term.)

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