Thursday, May 21, 2009

Randall at RetroRoleplaying: a request and offer

Randall at RetroRoleplaying: The Blog is hitting a rough patch on an already bumpy road dealing with the cost of his wife's cancer treatment. He explains more on his blog.

To help with costs, Randall is offering up PDFs of the two issues of The Grimoire, an RPG fanzine he published in the 70s. These 'zines were lovingly produced with a manual typewriter and, according to Randall, "It contained a wide variety of material for D&D and boardgames."

You'll also get a pdf copy of The Second Grimoire of Pharesm the Bright-Eyed, a set of house rules for BECMI.

This stuff was produced when the old-school was new, so it should be interesting to see the dedication poured out for what was a relatively new hobby. Read about issue #1 and #2 if you're interested and then see if you can donate any amount to receive them in PDF format, or if you're unable to donate, spread the word on a blog or two.

RetroRoleplaying: The Blog

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