Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Goodman response. Not surprised, just disappointed.

When I read the responses and the "parody" of Goodman's post, I guess I wasn't surprised, but I did wonder "why?".

Based on his post, I look at Goodman as someone who is smart about his business and actually cares about games. Why pick on someone who HELPS the popularity of RPGs? Especially when he has something noteworthy to say.

Maybe because he burst everyone's ideas about 4e's success OR that he was so "arrogant" about how much more he knows about the RPG business than the rest of us (which is true).

It seems that people in general like to piss in the same pillows on which they sleep. James at LotFP said, "Thanks, everyone. You've made it extremely easy for the people that know things to not bother telling the rest of us about it." You're right, Mr. Raggi. Why would this guy share ANY inside info with the rest of us ever again?

Some people really need to have their diapers changed, and then with a clear head they could realize where they are directing so much ridicule and hostility. Maybe then their shame will show them that we're all in this together.

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  1. I thought we Australians were masters of the tall poppy syndrome, but these mongrels take the cake. A good thing their contributions to the hobby pale in comparison to Goodman's, otherwise their opinions might be worth listening to.