Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Idol of the Orcs module from Goblinoid Games

Here's a quick plug for the new Labyrinth Lord module from Goblinoid Games titled "Idol of the Orcs".

Note the all-new cover and logo design!

Adventure description:

A band of unusually organized orcs has taken to raiding farms and waylaying travelers near the local town. The characters must seek out the orc lair and rid the area of this menace, but things are not entirely as they seem. A sinister voice whispers instructions from the darkness; what demonic force lies at the heart of the labyrinthine orc lair? This adventure is suitable for characters of 1st-3rd level and is intended for use with the LABYRINTH LORD fantasy role-playing game, but is easily used with all editions of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG.

Print copy here.

PDF here.

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