Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Labyrinth Lord sighting and a set o' dice

While browsing my FLGS (Tabletop Games in Overland Park, KS), I noticed a fresh Labyrinth Lord paperback on the shelf. I asked the kind gentleman (dude) if he has people coming in asking about LL. He said, "Oh, yeah" and went on to tell me that the number of people buying the small press products is growing and growing.

That's encouraging news. Especially for small press publishers like BHP and Black Blade Publishing getting their products up on the shelves.

It was hard to not buy the LL paperback, but since I just received my hardback from Lulu over a week ago, I had to leave it behind for another lucky bloke to find.

Instead, I saw that they had a bunch of Gamescience precision dice, so I bought my first set- blue opaque. Beautiful. My wife asked me if was going to retire some of my old worn-out dice. Haha!


Never, ever, ever throw away dice. I don't care if the sides of my old d20 are so worn that it more resembles a marble. Never toss out dice! I keep 'em all, even the so-called "cursed" dice (I give those to my players - heh heh).

One day I'll have enough dice to satisfy my gaming needs. But then again, probably not. Probably not ever. :P


  1. What?!? You're in OP? Know or run any Old School games where a guy who hasn't gamed in 20+ years might feel welcome to drop in? I'm just getting back into the hobby again--haven't played a game since 1985, but I'm itching to have a go at the games I remember so fondly. By the way, I teach out at JCCC.

  2. Hey, my wife and I received our degrees in graphic deign at JCCC. Small world. :)

    Once a month on a Saturday I run a Labyrinth Lord game with some co-workers. Very loose and casual.

    If you're looking to game more often, there is a Kansas City Area Meetup Group, and from what I hear, they are more than happy for new people to join (check out