Friday, April 30, 2010

Test-play for new adventure! Can't believe it.

As I've stated here, the clouds have parted a bit, allowing for a weekend game with an adventure that has potential to be the next PRG release. But just as quickly as the clouds parted, they will swallow me up again, so if play-test goes well tomorrow night, I'll need to pop this one out asap (because I'm not sure when I'll have the opportunity again so soon).

So, yes, although I am officially still on a temporary vacation from publishing to take care of some real life ordeals and necessities, it looks like I'll be able to take a quick vacation from my vacation.

Besides, I believe the last thing I published was way back in November of '09. Unthinkable! Gotta get something else out before I duck my head back under the surface for another six months. Right? Right.

Tomorrow, my players will adventure through my new Labyrinth Lord module A Promise of Vengeance Fulfilled, for levels 5-7. I have such high hopes that this one will be PRG's next published module that I've already begun the artwork!

Your well wishes for this session is appreciated because, man, I'm super excited to sit at the gaming table again.


  1. the only day this DM's wife can get his butt out of bed on saturdays without begging: GAME DAYS! And I appreciate it... It's nice to see him wake up excited this early in the morning.

    Go get 'em, R.L.! Happy game!


    your Brazilian half

  2. Thanks, love, but don't forget that it's also Free Comic Book Day today! My geek cup is overflowing.

  3. Great news! Send it my way and I'll give it another playtest.

    ... AND I've got a great idea for a cooperation with a German publisher!

    You find me at "momehlem ät aol dott com".